Programmed DC Electronic Load Series
CH9715 Series (Intelligent Color Screen Display)
CH9711+ Series(High Speed High Precision)
CH9720B/9720C (Color Screen Promotion)
CH9710B/CH8710B (Economic Series)
CH8800 Series (Medium Power)
CH9800 Series (High Power Color Screen)
CH9721P Series Fast Charging Automatic Tester
Power supply comprehensive tester
CH2700 Series Power Supply Comprehensive Tester
Digital Power Meter
CH2800 Series Single Channel Digital Power Meter
CH2900 Series Multichannel Digital Power Meter
Electric Vehicle Charger Automatic Tester Series
CH8716F/CH9716F Electric Vehicle Charger Tester
Winding Turn Tester Series
CH1200/1200R Winding Turn Tester Series
CH6800 Impulse Winding Tester Series
DC Low Resistance Tester Series
CH251X DC Resistance Tester Series
Multiplex Temperature Recorder Series
CH9007/CH9010 Multiplex Temperature Recorder
CH9005/CH9006 Multiplex Temperature Recorder
Transformer Coulometer Series
CH40X Series Transformer Coulometer
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  CH9005/CH9006 Multiplex Temperature Recorder
CH9005/CH9006 multi-channel temperature recorder is controlled by the latest upgraded ARM microprocessor and adopts the most advanced measuring principle. The temperature measurement resolution reaches 0.1 degrees. It supports K/N/E/J/T/R/S/B thermocouple. The range of measurement is - 200 degrees C~1800 degrees C. It has wide adaptability and 4.3 inch TFT color silicon controlled multi-channel parallel testing. It can simultaneously collect, alarm and transmit multi-channel temperature. RS232 interface is used to upload data to PC. Standard USB interface can save measurement data directly to U disk when it is not convenient to connect with PC, and can realize multi-channel data transmission. The data is then transferred to the PC as needed. Flexible module expansion, easy channel expansion and free communication through PC software, easy data acquisition, analysis and printing. Strong and durable, anti-vibration housing, suitable for operation in harsh environment. Fully isolated digital and analog signals with standard U-disk interface for real-time data storage.  
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